Grand Tour Rando

The "Grand Tour Rando" is a cycle path on asphalt that starts from Marmore Waterfall in Terni. It connects the points of tourist interest in a vast area that includes the territory of the Lower Valley of the RiverBlack and that of the Medium Tiber Valley.

The Grand Tour Rando is the first cycle route totally equipped with permanent road sign route. Along its 320 km have been installed three types of signals: suburban, urban and historical center with dimensional characteristics different but all with the presence of the logo for easy reading even in motion (slow).

In addition to the full path called extreme, there are three preparatory courses reported. The “Standard” of 200 km. The Basic 100km. Moreover, Promo only 50 km (actually 34 km). The characteristic of this route is to use secondary roads with the very low presence of traffic and link together most of the tourist attractions found in the municipalities of the province of Terni. The project, in fact, has been designed for tourist purposes but also adapts to multiple uses of sports type. It is no coincidence that the first weekend of September each year, there is the dispute randonnée same name, certified ACP, which is part of the Italian championship ARI and one capable of obtaining the approval for participation in the Paris Brest Paris, the Olympics of randonnée. Unlike all other competitive routes, the paths of randonnée through the historic centers that meet and enhance the most significant points of the landscape, which, in this type of event is not competitive, can be fully appreciated without haste.

To make readily available to the cycling route was drawn a map that contains the four paths map in all. Plus all the useful information for the journey through QRcode that refer to the dedicated website (www.grandtourrando.com) and downloadable GPS tracks. The map is printed on a PVC support, paper-like, and is meant to be consulted in any weather, including rain. It is virtually indestructible.

The route is then equipped with 18 Rando Point. Businesses, mostly bars, all along the way, where you can pick the travel card and affix the stamp certifying the passage. Also there are more than 30 Rando Station (accommodation of various types qualify as bike hotels) and 10 Rando Service, cycle-contracted garages and bike rental outlets. To achieve the Patent ARI / BRP or the "Diploma of Stray," it is necessary to show the stamp, the date, and time, the passage of some Rando Point based on the path that it has decided to do. For example can be the Promo 50 km or one of the other until the Extreme of 300 km. Each has its own travel card that can be withdrawn at the Point or Rando Rando Station from where you want to start and end the tour. In fact, to achieve the patent or the Diploma you must complete the ring about the path selected by certifying the start and finish in the same Rando Point.

Something very important for the usability of the tourist area is that the paths can begin and end at any of the 18 Rando Point along the way so as to enable everyone, tourists and cyclists residents, to use the path regardless of the starting point, during the whole year. This stable path can be used by anyone and with any means of organizing a trip and a holiday in a territory known and used in previous centuries by travelers on the Grand Tour for its natural beauty and artistic. you can do it independently using the fixed signs and the map or by connecting directly to the website navigable even with smartphones, but may do so in a more conscious and organized purchasing packages that include dedicated support services such as cycling guides certified multi-lingual, luggage transport , rent bikes and e-bikes, electric cars rental for carers who can follow the same path of cyclists. These packages provide to walk each of the three paths 100, 200 and 300 km in stages, adapted to the characteristics of cyclists and tailored to the needs of both the novice and the amateur cyclist. These tours provide the overnight accommodation in different always found along the route or in places easily accessible by short detours. For this reason, there is a luggage service from property to property so that tourists can find their luggage on arrival/end of each stage. The packages, in addition to the services dedicated cyclist, also include a visit to the tourist attractions to be found along the way. In this way, the experience is enhanced by values that you can hardly acquire in different modes.




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FROM october 1st TO october 2nd


From 9am to 1pm

Corpus Domini a Orvieto


0 Poggio di Otricoli

Giornate Medievali a Poggio di Otricoli


0 San Gemini

Giostra dell'Arme a San Gemini

0 Il Palio dei colombi

Il Palio dei Colombi ad Amelia

0 Jazzit

Jazzit Fest a Collescipoli



La fiorita di Castelluccio di Norcia


0 Quintana Foligno

La Giostra della Quintana a Foligno


0 Ovo pinto

Ovo Pinto a Civitella del Lago


0 Rinascimento ad Aquasparta

Rinascimento a Acquasparta


0 Festival due mondi

Festival dei Due Mondi a Spoleto

0 Umbria Jazz

Umbria Jazz

Corso del Popolo 0

Terni - La Città Dinamica


0 Narni


0 Amelia porta



0 Todi



0 Norcia



0 Gubbio



0 Downhill



0 Orvieto Duomo

Duomo di Orvieto


0 Ovo pinto

Museo dell'Ovo Pinto a Civitella del Lago

ESTERNI_Terra Umbra Hotel_MEDIUM-4 (Medium)

Terra Umbra Hotel


0 GWN 3 tappe

Greenway del Nera in MTB



La Loggia sul Nera

Cascata delle Marmore



Hotel Duomo


0 Terminillo

La scalata del Terminillo - "L'Impresa" - 2 giorni 1 notte


0 Piediluco copia

Il Lago di Piediluco



Classic Hotel Il Tulipano



Hotel Michelangelo Palace



Hotel Miralago

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