The Valnerina

Whatever you expect from an adventure holiday you can find it in Valnerina. 

The Valnerina is the valley of the Black River from its source in the Sibillini Mountains to the Terni basin where the river continues to flow into the Tiber near Orte.

On its way, it collects the waters of several rivers and streams to the spectacular leap of Marmore waterfall where the Velino, from the plain of Rieti, converged there over a drop of 165 meters.

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In ancient times, despite the Valnerina, for its shape mainly mountainous with valleys often marshy because of the natural dams that produced the Black River carrying debris of various kinds, it was appreciated by its few this valley, a multitude of Syrian monks found refuge and inspiration and populated by the fifth century AD taking advantage of the widespread presence of sources and shelter in the numerous caves.

The Valnerina is a land of ascetics even before the Saints. Nature that characterizes it is so lush and varied that the presence of man, in time, could turn it only with great balance and measure.A vacation in Valnerina is just to find the right fit and inner balance. Its abbeys, its shrines, and its sanctuaries are important references for understanding and embark on a spiritual journey that goes beyond mere religious belief.A vacation in Valnerina enriches everyone who can be guided by the genius loci. 

Valnerina Nature is pristine with its parks and its protected areas.If you are looking for a deep immersion in nature, come in Valnerina.Rarely you can feel what it means to balance between man and his works with the free expression of various forms of life in nature.It is possible to experience the Valnerina on foot, by bicycle, on horseback. However, the more you turn away from the busy road of the valley, and the more is possible appreciate it.Luckily all the side streets are almost deserted because collect only local traffic. The beauty of the Nera Valley is certainly possible to appreciate fully along its many ancient paths.

Recently it has been equipped a path. The  “Greenway”  along the  Nera river.  Starting from the Marmore Falls up along the river Nera in many stretches almost to the source, before heading along the Val Norcia Castoriana and continue to Cascia and Monteleone di Spoleto. Then passing the Blind Leap, ancient customs structure, towards Lake Piediluco where it descends again to the waterfall. In the path of the Greenway along the river Nera there is no access for cars and motorcycles. It is an infrastructure of great importance for active tourism. 


Along the route “Greenway” even in the mostly flat stretch along the river, you live an intense experience in nature and history without equal. By the spectacle of the waterfall that leaves behind all his roar, slowly we are immersed in the peace of a beloved country that, along the way becoming fiercer but never impenetrable. Walk along ancient villages, fortresses and monasteries. All these signs of man embedded in the landscape gently.


To appreciate the Valnerina have to let time pass without haste. The Valnerina is both the art of living and green heart. Valnerina alone can represent the unique essence of Umbria.


It is no coincidence that it has become the European goal of those who practice extreme sports. Valnerina is a place of adventure that forces to balance the body and mind to overcome its limitations in search of points of view. Valnerina pushes you to observe it with the eyes of the hawk and the buzzard if you practice parachuting and paragliding. With the eyes of brown trout if you immerse yourself in the rapids of the river. With the eyes of the deer if you climb on its cliffs.With the sonar of a bat, if you drop in its caves.