Switch off from everyday life and enjoy a space to be out of time, to be masters by your own steps, and nourish yourselves of unique sensations.

The Sibillini Mountains and Valnerina, with the magnificent scenery of mountains, deep valleys, forests and highlands, a crossroads in the center of the Italian peninsula, are the background of great journeys of the past. There you go hiking for everyone or just walking paths with climbing difficulties, conducted in complete safety by qualified guides.

These several paths:

Railway Spoleto-Norcia, a route between nature and history, on the route of the old train. Easy and affordable for everyone.

Val Castoriana, a tributary valley and forgotten gem for its small rural centers and religious, among which the Abbey of St. Eutizio and castle of Campi Alto.

Plateau of Castelluccio, a beautiful landscape shaped by nature. Always impressive, so in the spring, for the great flowers, and in winter, covered with snow.

Val di Canatra develops behind the village of Castelluccio and is covered by a beautiful beech forest, to the summer pastures of the shepherds.

Mount Coscerno and its area, one of nature sanctuaries in Umbria, for the significant presence of the eagle and wolf, as well as for the great variety of natural and rural that are represented there.

Marmore Falls and Lake Piediluco, where the force of the water, the beauty of nature and human intelligence combine in nun just magnificent landscape.

The Valley Pontuglia: a small valley, a small town, an abandoned village and a rural past that becomes a great present.

Norcia, the mill and the Water Meadows, the shepherds and cheese, the wonderful world of bees: a day dedicated to the knowledge that becomes flavor. Among farms, beekeepers and ancient crafts.



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Greenway del Nera in MTB



La Loggia sul Nera

Cascata delle Marmore


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Il Lago di Piediluco


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