Adventure park NAHAR in Rosciano

The park, which is part of the Educational Farm "THE HILL", has trails for adults and children

Experienced staff can assist you in all phases of the paths. Built in the shadow of mature trees is about 8 kilometers from the Marmore Falls. It is located in the Nera Valley in the Nera River Park, adjacent to the medieval village of Rosciano in the town of Arrone (Terni - Umbria). The routes will take you to walk among the trees at different heights and difficulties. You will experience the thrill of walking in the branches or on their hair. Ideal for families, groups of children, school groups, business groups and groups of friends.

The preparation and the kindness of the staff, widely recognized by customers of our company, will give you the peace of mind to live your children unforgettable experiences.

The park has the following facilities:

BRIEFING PATH, is the first contact with the park; our instructors will help you to put on a harness and with you will start the adventure on a small test area to become familiar with the equipment and learn safety techniques.

 The briefing is certainly an important moment because after the instructors will follow you from the ground being the paths in security.

JUNIOR COURSE (yellow): particularly suitable and fun for children and a good test for all.

PATH FEELINGS (Brown): the ride height increases. You'll find yourself in the countryside where to be sure to spend pleasant moments with your family or friends experiencing pleasurable sensations.

CLIMBING WALL: an artificial wall 8 meters high circ. With three possible climbing routes of different difficulty. You can climb with confidence that it will be handled by the staff. Equipment and safety equipment are provided to users and are guaranteed to EC standards and controlled by our staff. These will allow you to walk on the suspended structures always having at least one hook attached to the safety cable. The use of the equipment is explained during the briefing, which is mandatory for all participants, with a theoretical and practical training on a path simulation place about 50 cm from the ground.



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