Parachuting in Terni

Poco distante dal centro di Terni, si pratica questo sport adrenalinico sia per principianti sia per i più esperti. Un volo panoramico in aereo sorvolerà la zona per quindici minuti e precederà il lancio, che avverrà a quota 4200 mt con un salto a caduta libera alla velocità media di 200 km/h.

The Zoo is an amateur sports association that operates in the field of Skydiving. In its office, at the airport in Terni, runs a school for Parachuting sports with full access ( a 360 degrees view):  tandem jumps, AFF courses, wingsuit, Freefly, work related courses and folding. The skydiving center operates Cesna Caravan C 208, 2009, and can boast of being one of the few Italian aircraft with brand new! The staff of The Zoo are athletes of high national and international level always willing to follow the newcomers to the sport. The large staff is divided into the school director, teachers, pilots tandem,  jump master, video operators, riggers, pilots of the plane and coach Freefly, work related and wingsuit; all paratroopers and competitors at high levels.
The tandem jump with parachutes is the fastest way to try skydiving and freefall. With a briefing on the ground, the instructor will explain the course of the launch, flight dynamics and will prepare you  to the launch. You will be shown the material used and the systems that ensure the safety of the launch.
A scenic flight by plane about 15 minutes before the launch and once you get to share 4200 meters ... firmly united to an instructor will fly for about 60 seconds of free fall to an average of 200 km / h... A minute of pure adrenaline !!!!!. Since the opening of the parachute, you will pilot with the help of instructor for another 6 minutes till to gently touch the ground.  All you need is a bit of courage to fly to experience an unforgettable day.  



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