Ovo Pinto in Civitella del Lago

Colored eggs, painted, white, large, smallish, engraved, pitted, used as containers ... All it takes to make masterpieces of these simple and delicate shells.

A museum preserves these valuable and colorful objects. They are small works of art, hand-crafted by thousands of people, professional or otherwise, which since 1982 have participated in the various editions of the "Ovo Pinto". Just one egg, some color, and imagination! Aside from these simple elements the idea of ​​involving, from Easter Day until May 1, anyone willing to experiment with their artistic talents. And here they come to life characters, animals and even sculptures themselves. Charming villages are miniature paintings with maximum attention to detail, abstract figures, rich in symbols and again recalls famous art, such as replicas of works by Salvador Dali and dazzling gilded curlicues of Klimt. Great admiration arouses those engraved, illuminated internally, that are recognized as masterpieces. The competition, in fact, is aimed at professionals, but the originality of the initiative also involves a wide audience, which includes the entire schools. Any idea is welcome, each egg is welcome. There are, in fact, of various sizes, all displayed in the Museum after the awards. What has always been a simple and fun practice especially among children even it sinks its roots in Ancient Rome and can be transformed, through this contest, on one occasion to test themselves and show off their skills and creativity.


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FROM Easter TO 1 May


Associazione Ovo Pinto : +39 340 8995074


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