The Fortresses tell in Ferentillo

Personal stories, a journey to the ancient and modern history that time has not erased. Moreover, above all, the charm of the most enchanting landscapes of Umbria.

Once upon a time, in a lost time  ...  prehistoric people: the Umbrian Naharki.  And as if by magic, these ancient people back to live and tell the story of an era so remote. Born with this intention, is the initiative that each year attracts in this small town hundreds of people. The path in the history of the origins of civilization to get up to more recent times: in every corner of the town characters, who wear traditional costumes of different historical periods represented, stand out like paintings turning the country into a work of art open. Theater narrating the events, natural stages that have been silent witnesses of those stories: the presence of the Lombards, the Middle Ages, the Inquisition, the brigands in the mountains, the arrival of Napoleon's troops and uprisings. The national history intersects with the local, in a story made up of images, words, and music: the miracle of Saint Sebastian, the time of harvest and the inauguration of the tram line Terni-Ferentillo. Underlining the importance of the event, the beauty of places like the waterfall Falls, the banks of the Black River and the small medieval fortresses overlooking the Valnerina and narrating with their colors the secrets of this region.


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FROM 21 august TO 30 august


Pro Loco di Ferentillo : Tel. 349 4423657
mail: prolocoferentillo@gmail.com

festa acque 2017

Festa delle Acque


0 Poggio di Otricoli

Giornate Medievali a Poggio di Otricoli


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La Loggia sul Nera

Cascata delle Marmore



Hotel Miralago

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