The promise

The Promise of love in Valnerina

Many young engaged couples choose to spend a romantic weekend in Umbria and the Valnerina to share the promise of a life of love. This part of Umbria is breathtaking for all the lovers that visit. The Valnerina, with its landscape, art and spirituality, sport and nature, is a place of a unique hospitality that remains in the heart.

The Basilica of Terni, a city in which couples from all over the world celebrate their love, is dedicated to Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.

There are many couples that choose to travel here, to the place protected by that symbolic figure, and pray before the alter containing the sacred relics or repeat their vows of love.


Weekends of romance in Valnerina

Valnerina offers many attractions for the young couples who choose it for a romantic weekend get-away. It holds a perfect combination of entertainment, art, and sport. Couples visiting Terni can lose themselves in the streets, strolling together hand-in-hand, and enjoying the sights of the ancient city. Discover the history of Saint Valentine in the Basilica dedicated to him. Piazza Europa and Palazzo Spada, the Church of San Salvatore, and the Roman Amphitheater are are short walk from the Cathedral and the breathtaking panorama from the nearby public gardens. A visit to the Marmore Falls, one of the highest in Europe, is simply required. But make sure you pack a raincoat, because the Balcony of Lovers is positioned so near to a massive fall of water that you are guaranteed to get wet. Equally romantic is a boat ride on Lake Piediluco, a place that offers a unique atmosphere and breathtaking views.
Week end of sport in Valnerina

More adventurous couples in Valnerina can experiment with new sports and activities, and, above all, enjoy nature and open air. While there are a few ideas presented here, almost all types of outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the favorable climate throughout the year.

Lovers can discover nature unspoiled while river rafting, mountain biking, backpacking or hiking along beautiful routes with diverse levels of difficulty. They can also find in the underground caves a deep and fascinating experience for body and soul. These are well organized through the use of equipment and technique that guarantees maximum safety. The atmosphere that couples breathe during their stay in Valnerina is unique for its intensity, its love, vitality, and energy.

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