The carousel of Quintana

A knightly race becomes the rediscovery of ancient traditions: the splendor of the Baroque costumes, the delicious dishes typical of the era and a magical atmosphere which is renewed every year.

There is time for challenges. There is time to show his worth and win the favor of the prince and the favor of the beautiful lady. Born with these objectives Foligno competition that has become over the years one of the most anticipated events in all of Umbria and beyond. To take the field are the knights of the ten districts of the city that will perform the arduous task of the win, undergoing tests of dexterity and skill.  It was exactly 10 February 1613 when, to resolve the question of Hamlet – “ what most pleased a cavalier of honor” -  maintain the grace of the prince or the continued favor of beautiful and very kind lady?  It was decided to resort to arms kind.  Each year then, wearing sumptuous elaborate costumes and staging the competition that in addition to giving a great show to present, for the difficulty of the tests has been called the Olympics Games of Old Regime. The night before the race, a procession of hundreds of people dressed in period costumes through the center of the city. The day of the challenge to the Field of the Games, the riders mount their horses and set off to conquer the rings that the god Mars holds tight in his fist closed. The path to achieving them is dotted with obstacles that keep the audience in suspense. The winners, the prize and the smile of the lady kind.


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FROM 17 TO 18 june 2016


Ente Autonomo Giostra della Quintana di Foligno :
Tel. (+39) 0742 354000 mail: info@quintana.it


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