The flowering of Castelluccio di Norcia

It is not possible to visit Umbria, especially from late May to early July, without included a stop in Castelluccio of Norcia. The only advice: do not forget your camera!

Slowly the snow melts, the warm rays of the sun warm the soil fertile, and the belly of the earth eats small seeds that are going to need a few months before to peep in the uniform expanse mountain completely transforming the landscape.Between late May and early July, the plateau is located in the National Park of Sibillini become a tourist destination not only for the mountain trek but also because there is a most amazing show of nature. The thousands of flowers that cover the three levels of the plateau evocatively named "Pian Grande", "Pian Small" and "Pian Lost", open their corolla painting the ground as impressionistic brushstrokes of different colors. From blue to purple, red to yellow, passing the white and the blue. Lentils are in bloom, typical of Norcia, who excel in the colorful shades of color, next to which you can see expanses of poppies, daffodils, violets and many other varieties of flowers. Sports enthusiasts and adventurous you can relay in the path, discovering the free flowering, up to the "Lake of Pilate" on "Vettore Mount". It is possible also enjoy the magnificent scenery along the paths by bike or by a unique means of transport. Nothing better to remain in close contact with the nature of a trip riding a donkey! Moreover, if you have been conscious travelers, certainly you bring with you a basket with the sublime prosciutto di Norcia PGI for a picnic outdoors.  Indulging in this way both the eye and the palate.


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FROM 20 May TO 10 July


IAT DI CASCIA : +39 0743 71147 - info@iat.cascia.pg.it


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