The confirmation

The Confirmation of Love in Umbria

For the couples who aspire to eternity, confirming their love in Umbria is a step towards the physical and spiritual reinvigoration of the relationship.
Tell me often that you love me through your talk, your actions, and your gestures. Don't assume that I know it. I may show signs of embarrassment and even deny that I need it--but don't believe it, do it anyway.

Leo Buscaglia

The daily frenzy often pulls us away from our relationships. Take a journey through art, culture, spirituality and flavors during a weekend in Umbria to rediscover yourself and your partner. From Terni to Orvieto, every alleyway is steeped in ancient charm. The many medieval and renaissance buildings are the result of the cultures that flourished in Umbria for centuries. The city of Orvieto boasts of its history as a gathering point of all cultures since the ancient Etruscan times, when it was a major center of commerce and art.

Come, let us make our love immortal, you and I.

Herbert Trench

Terni, home of Saint Valentine, is the symbolic capital of eternal love. For your voyage of love in Umbria, you must visit the Basilica of Saint Valentine. The church, constructed by the Bishop of Terni in the 17th century, still contains the remains of the saint. However, Valentine’s Basilica is just one of the many fantastic buildings of this little city. The architectural and artistic treasures range from the cathedral to Palazzo Spada, the current seat of the local government.

Walking in Terni with your partner is a unique opportunity to be enriched culturally, while enjoying the stillness of the historic village. For those who enjoy discovering the most interesting places, Umbria contains medieval villages among the most beautiful in Italy. Arrone, with its picturesque streets, still preserves its medieval urban plan. Ferentillo is another fascinating place, divided by the river Nera into two villages with different traits.
There is no love more sincere than that of food.

George Bernard

Artistic excursions are not the only attraction of Umbria.

From Norcia to the Marmore Falls, the Valnerina offers an enviable gastronomic heritage: the aphrodisiac-like truffles, virgin olive oil and inimitable wines are the centerpiece of the Umbrian table.

Each location has its own main dish. For example, in Montefranco the kebab is typical: delicious skewers of roast mutton.

On Lake Piediluco, however, the fish caught from the lake are the main cuisine. Perch and whitefish are the perfect specialties to try in a romantic candle-lit dinner.

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