Flower Festival of Corpus Domini in Spello

A garden in the city or, rather, a city garden. Spello is transformed into a beautiful field of flowers where each petal is part of an incredible project.

The final procession of Corpus Domini in Spello is a riot of colors and scents that is the most obvious manifestation of faith and devotion of Spello and their spirit of unity and partnership. For months, young and old gather flowers of different quality. Already in the spring, the mountains and the surrounding valleys are laid siege to find the right colors from flowers, the most resistant, the most fragrant. Usually, the procession through the city takes place between late May and early June, so it is important to have a particular attention to the preservation of flowers and harvested vegetables, partly because, by regulation,  only plant material can be used. Moreover, to think that years ago, the early twentieth century, when they began this tradition, the bouquets were thrown loose in the streets. Today, however, are assembled, combined, harmonized according to well-structured projects to create true masterpieces. The streets of the village are decorated with thousands of petals, blooms, and vegetables of all kinds. Every citizen is contributing to the realization of the best-flowered framework, which is also a tribute to God. On the Saturday before the party, Spello was restless. It is feared the bad weather, just a gust of the wind and the work of months may vanish. However, the public who rushed to attend the event every year is never disappointed. Only after the passage of the bishop, the streets come back to be walked on, and the ephemeral images crumble underfoot leaving only the smell of the wonderful work done.


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FROM 28 TO 29 May 2016


Associazione Le Infiorate di Spello : +39 0742 301146
339 4577712 info@infiorataspello.it

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