The "Palio dei Colombi" in Amelia

If back in 1346 people enjoyed hitting the poor pigeon with a crossbow, for today's AmeliaPalio the target it is the dovecote. Which once centered, release the pigeon.An example of how to reinterpret history.

Walk the streets and alleys of Amelia mean to dive into the medieval past, when knights and ladies thronged the streets and young people instead played with instruments. It seems to be a very popular pastime to bet with crossbows of the unfortunate pigeon that flew out of the dovecotes. It was the custom so widespread that the legislature felt obliged to ban this little knightly practice drafting some rules found in the municipal statutes of 1346. The Palio today has a compelling historical and commemoration events, which sees young and belonging to different districts of the town compete in a test of a crossbow bench and take a ride riding mighty steeds with the aim of striking a target that is located at the end of the path. The archers, in turn, link with the ancient weapon to hit an object attached to a pigeon that, in case it is taken, it will open releasing a dove. Attending the event, the people dressed in period costumes that are boasting of medieval clothes and hairstyles during the parade that precedes the race itself. An excellent opportunity to relive the past and the old medieval traditions, with the approval today of legislators and activists.


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FROM 24 july TO 9 august


Ente Palio dei Colombi : Tel. (+39) 0744 981189 mail: epc.amelia@libero.it


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