Corpus Domini a Orvieto

Between myth and history, so lavish, each year is commemorated the origin of Corpus Christi, a miracle happened in Bolsena but consecrated in orvieto and that has become a heartfelt religious feast in the Catholic world.

Heaven and earth, sacred and profane. Duality which are sealed ina landscape of ramarkable charm. We have to go back up to 1264 to find the roots of this religious event which today has takes too secular characteristics.
Tradition says that a Bohemian priest on a pilgramage to Rome eas tormented by doubt the presence of the body and blood of Christ in the consecrated host. Pausing in Bolsena to recire the Mass, he notices that protruded from the host of the drops of blood, which glistened in the linen clouth used in functions, the so-called Corporal. The news of the miracle of Bolsena ran fast to get the ear of Pope Urban IV who lived in Orvieto. To celebrate this event, the Pope promulgated the bubble “Transiturus de hoc mundo” is instituted and extended, as well, to the whole Carholic world the feast of Corpus Christi.

It was built a cathedral of admirable grandeur to accommodate the corporal, as the previous church was in poor contodion. Since that year, the nationality of orvieto celebrates the event, enruching it, in more modern times, historic re-enactments and medieval dramas. Hundreds of khights and ladies, who wear clothes made by hand by local artisans, walk in procession through the streets of the city.

In the historic shows are put on by musicians and flag bearers, while street artists cheer adults and children. And, true to the medieval theme, you can taste typical dinners in restaurants in the city.


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FROM 29 may 2016 TO 29 may 2016


IAT Orvieto : Tel. 0763.341772 - 0763.341911 - 0763.343658 mail:info@iat.orvieto.tr.it


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